Floor cleaning is always overlooked by people. For people, it’s easy to forget the importance of floor sweeping and can’t realise it until the floor fades out. It takes just a few minutes to clean the floors. However, many people don’t want to make even small efforts. To achieve a clean and green floor, you may need sweeping tools, floor cleaning solutions, and some exceptional skills in cleaning procedures. But it’s worth noting that some techniques and simple tricks will ease the floor cleaning work. We at All areas sweeping and scrubbing offer cleaning services and specialise in floor sweeping in Sydney. The following are the steps that involve floor sweeping Sydney

Pick the right mop and buckets.

The first thing that needs to be done for floor sweeping is to pick up the right mop and bucket. Choose the mop that suits your floor type. If your floor is covered with ceramic tile or texture, a classic string mop is best suited for your floor type. You can use a sponge mop if you have a smooth floor. You don’t need to struggle to choose the right bucket, choose any one that suits your floor cleaning work. 

Choose a cleaning solution

Choose a floor cleaning solution that is well suited for your floor type. Don’t use shine type detergents that are associated with chemicals as they damage the outer layer of the floor. Those chemicals fade the natural look of the floor over time. 

Sweep or vacuum the floor before mop touching it

It is advisable to sweep or vacuum the floor to avoid it becoming sticky and muddy while mop cleaning the floor. To do this, you can use soapy water and a normal household cleaning solution.

Get the bucket.

Pour the warm water into the bucket and mix it with a suitable cleaning solution. Don’t try to pour the solution more than needed in order to boost its cleaning power. This harms more than benefits. It is advisable to follow the instructions that are listed on the detergent label. 

Dip and twist the mop

Dip the mop into a bucket and twist it by hand. The mop should be damp. Try to avoid too much water dripping from the mop, as it damages the floor and takes a long time to dry up.

Start the mopping process

Begin mopping the floor all the way from one end to the other and backward. This allows you to clean the most amount of floor space in the shortest amount of time.

Clean up stubborn spots.

While cleaning the floor, if you encounter any sticky or stubborn spots, rub back and forth rapidly over the spot again and again until it disappears from the floor. It can be challenging to reach the edges or corners of the floor to clean. In such conditions it is best to scrub the floor with the help of a sponge. Even paper towels are good for scrubbing the corners.

Rinse the mopped area.

After scrubbing the corners and small areas of the floor, rinse your mop in the rinse bucket. Dip the mop up and down until the dirt is removed from the mop. 

Continue mopping

You should repeat the mopping and rinsing process until you are done with all your floors. Make sure you are maintaining two different buckets, one for washing and the other for rinsing. Keep an eye on both the wash and rinse water. Whenever they become visibly dingy or grey, empty and refill the buckets. Continuing to use dirty water for cleaning the floor will spoil the floor. 

Complete the final cleaning.

If you are done with cleaning your floors, just sweep the mop over the whole floor one last time. Then put away all of your floor cleaning supplies, solutions, and equipment and wait a long time for it to dry before walking on it.

Floor sweeping Sydney

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